On the Issues



With over 450,000 jobs directly and indirectly lost, Nevada's $75 billion dollar industry was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We must work to ensure the industry employing roughly 45% of our state's residents get back to work and enact legislation that protects our state and local governments from tax revenue loses that curtail the ability to provide essential governmental functions crucial to the success and safety of our communities.


While Gov. Steve Sisolak proposes that tech companies set up their own "city-like zones" to diversify the economy, the proposal fails to address two key issues: (1) a well-educated workforce and (2) sub-par schooling systems for families in Clark County and throughout the state.

Clark County School District, which accounts for nearly 60% of all students in Nevada, ranks at or near the bottom of public schools nationwide. Instead of focusing on tech, we need to focus on producing educated Nevadans who can join and contribute to the work force.

Credit Card


Gun control legislation not only infringes on our Second Amendment rights–it furthers little, if any public benefit.

Lawful gun ownership substantially curtails crime, provides for protection and self-defense, and ensures we as a nation will not be subjected to tyranny.

It's time to push back against not only objective infringement, but the backdoor tactics anti-gun rights activists and lobbyists have implemented to serve as de facto prohibitions on our fundamental right to bear arms. 


Affordable Housing

Affordable housing has been an issue in Nevada for decades yet the game of give and take between lawmakers and lobbyists has stalemated nearly every effort to get any legislation to the governor's desk.


It's time we focus on not only clarifying eviction proceedings, but preserve Nevadan's tenant rights and increase the amount of affordable housing available to those in need.


Veteran's Affairs

It's no secret I spent significant time in our Veteran's Affairs facilities and working with some of our nation's top doctors.

But what may be a secret is that despite its reputation, the VA does provide high quality care. The problem is that its not efficient enough, which is largely due to poor regulation and management.

While we will always strive to better the quality of care provided, we must also focus on the efficiency as well and ensure our troops receive the treatment they need.


Improved Infrastructure

If you've ever driven from Las Vegas to Reno, you'll recognize this photo.

Infrastructure built decades ago perhaps served its purpose; but with the billions in tax revenue generated by the state, we must focus on ensuring all Nevadans are able to travel intrastate safely and efficiently.


The heavy interstate and intrastate travel can be better optimized which will in turn, increase business in the state while contemporaneously providing safer travel for all.