As a U.S. Senator, I’ll stand against any attempt to convert our free market economy into a socialist disaster.


I’ll take action against crony capitalism and end its threat to our economic freedom by cutting taxes, repealing burdensome regulations, and standing up to the political elites that have abandoned Main Street America. 


We need to get back to basics and invest in the American workforce — that’s how we’ll recover and rebuild the greatest economy in the world.  


There IS a crisis at the border, despite what Joe Biden and the extreme left say.


Career politicians have done nothing to solve the border crisis — allowing drugs, human trafficking, and violent crime to destroy lives and communities.


We MUST take immediate action to secure our borders and enforce immigration laws, while encouraging immigration through a controlled process of legal entry.


American sovereignty depends on full control of our borders, and we need to complete President Trump’s border barrier immediately. 


The interests of Veterans should never be politicized.


We need leaders who honor the sacrifices of Veterans and work to improve the lives of military personnel and their families. 


I am wholly committed to expanding on the improvements made by the Trump administration to the Department of Veterans Affairs, and I’ll work to build even more effective networks of support in the areas of healthcare, education, and occupational readiness.  


Every fraudulent vote cancels out a real vote.


That’s why I’m committed to protecting one of our most sacred rights: the power to cast a ballot in an election.


Passing election integrity legislation will be a top priority as a U.S. Senator, including the requirement that every voter must produce identification to vote. 


America is a force for good across the world, but our political leaders have used our unrivaled influence to intervene in matters that do not always have a direct impact on the security and well-being of Americans.


Such actions have come at incredibly high costs – claiming trillions of dollars and thousands of lives. The arrogance of D.C. elites has led to failed policies that open the door for China to challenge the United States as the world leader.


American foreign policy must focus on protecting and preserving the interests of Americans today and into the future through military preparedness and accountability to the public — not nation building.  


Politicians have allowed bureaucrats to write healthcare laws, like Obamacare, that flood the marketplace with regulations while driving up costs and lowering access to quality coverage. 


We need leaders who understand that competition — not government — drives medical innovations that lead to better care and lower costs.


Without burdensome government intervention, the marketplace and patients will be the driving force that solve the problems within our healthcare system. 


I am fully committed to making healthcare more affordable while preserving coverage for preexisting conditions.  


"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

The Constitution unequivocally guarantees our right to bear arms.


As a Veteran and as a U.S. Senator, I will always fight to protect the Second Amendment.


We have been blessed with an abundance of natural resources, but we’ve also been plagued by politicians pushing extreme energy agendas, like the Green New Deal, that raise prices and destroy jobs.


President Biden is systematically reversing all the progress we made through America First policies. 


As Nevada’s next senator, I’ll invest in modern energy solutions that prioritize American energy jobs, protect consumers, and safeguard production in all forms. 


It’s time to restore America First energy policies that unleash the full potential of U.S. energy independence.


We need leaders who are committed to making school choice a reality across the country. 


Families deserve the power to make their own choices when it comes to the education of their children, and I’m committed to getting the politicians out of the classroom.


Creating better curriculums, empowering educators, and giving parents school choice are the keys to unlocking the full potential of the next generations.

critical race

There is no justification for teaching Critical Race Theory in our schools or public institutions.


We need leaders who seek to unite all Americans as brothers and sisters through mutual respect, based on the shared values this great country was founded on.


America is the greatest multiethnic democracy in the history of mankind, and it remains the world’s greatest example of freedom and diversity. 


I will oppose any effort by the extreme left to defund the police — which would cause irreparable harm to our communities.


I stand with law enforcement, and I’m committed to fully funding and enhancing – not politicizing – public safety. 


I believe we need leaders who are committed to pursuing justice against anyone who disregards public safety and the well-being of their fellow Americans.


Every life is precious, and it is in our American interest that we protect the lives of unborn babies just as we would protect the life of any other American.


As a Senator, I will oppose any federal funding of abortion and only support U.S. Supreme Court Justices who understand the importance of protecting Life. 

second amendment


I’ve experienced firsthand how Big Tech works to undermine and silence conservative voices. 


Big Tech companies routinely abuse their power through privacy invasions and the manipulation of public discourse through online censorship and suppression.


We must vigorously enforce antitrust laws to hold these companies accountable and protect the rights of Americans to speak freely.


Cancel culture is a destructive tactic used by the extreme left to stifle dissent and intimidate free thought — and it goes against the most fundamental American values.


It’s usually driven by a few loud individuals within a small segment of extremists looking to divide our national discourse.


This harmful social habit must not be encouraged or utilized by any elected leader.